I have always enjoyed using a range of techniques to explore a range of subjects. However, the material process of painting itself and the ways in which images function within the wider culture have always been central to my practice.

Painting has a unique place in our visual culture. This uniqueness is always being threatened by technology (the camera etc) changing critical reception (The End of Painting 1981 - Douglas Crimp) and the diversity of artistic practice available to contemporary artists (installation, digital media, the expanded field of sculpture).

It is a mistake to see painting as just another medium in a range of options. The processes, subjects, and modes of visualisation that represent the history of painting have dominated European visual culture. This history affects the way we see the world today. So despite everything, I choose to paint.

‘Picture making consists of a multitude of Yes/No decisions, with a Yes to end it all’
(Gerhard Richter Notes 1990)